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Tractor Soda Delivers Quality Organic Soda

Tractor Soda Company, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has unlikely roots in the organic beef business. But the company history makes sense when founder Travis Potter explains the backstory.

“We started in the organic beef business, then later got into organic sausages and other value-added meat items,” said Potter. “Then we got into dairy.”

A friend of Potter’s mentioned to him that a celebrity wanted to open an organic burger chain, and asked if Potter could discuss with them whether the idea was feasible.

“This was about three and one-half years ago,” said Potter, who met with the entrepreneurs and found they were interested in creating a competitive burger restaurant...

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Organic Craft Soda Continues to Grow in Popularity

A funny thing is happening in grocery stores across the nation.  People are reaching for organic foods in greater number – including craft soda.  This, from a report from the USDA that documents the progress strength of the organic market in sales. [1]  The progress is not slight but shows a year-over-year trend of significant market growth.  This trend is not limited to just grocery stores.  Explore how organic and craft sodas are taking the world by storm.

The Organic Market Across Industries

The largest group of organic products is produce – fruits and vegetables.  While healthy fruits and veggies are a main staple of consumers, organic and natural soda...

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Coca Cola It's The Real Thing For Rust Removal

Coca Cola is a sugary fizzy drink that many people blame for contributing towards the world obesity epidemic.

This video shows how Coke can be used to remove rust:

What’s in cola that makes it remove rust?

pH is an indicator of how acidic or alkaline a substance is.

Pure water has a neutral ph level of 7.

If a substance has a ph of less than 7 then it is acidic, if it is greater than 7 then it is alkaline.

The ph level of Coca Cola is 2.8 according to This means that it is acidic.

Coke is so acidic that it can dissolve...

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PepsiCo Rain Forest Destruction

Pepsi corporation, the American food, and beverage monster are responsible for massive destruction of rainforest land due its ongoing demand and consumption of palm oil that is being used in its unhealthy snack foods (mostly Frito-Lay).

According to research, PepsiCo is devouring more than 450,000 tons of palm oil every year even though the corporate giant is aware of the massive destruction of rainforests for palm oil plantations. 

Organizations such as the Rainforest Action Network have reached out to some of the largest snack food companies in the world to stop purchasing conflict palm oil and a few such as Mars and Kellogg have made some type of commitment and taken steps to go in...

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