The Lancer Touchscreen Tower 6 Brands is available at Organic Soda Pops.

Touchscreen Tower 6 Brands Beverage Dispenser

Our Lancer Touchscreen Tower is engaging, flexible, and can be personalized to enhance your beverage offerings. The Touchscreen Tower has an attractive design with a user-interface that enchants, and the proven dispensing technology will give you confidence and offer your customers a unique and personal experience. In less than ten inches you can provide up to 10 brands of carbonated or non-carbonated beverages.


  • Height: 26.75” (679.45 mm)

  • Width: 9.4” (238.76 mm)

  • Depth including drip tray: 18.7” (474.98 mm)


Shipping: 35lbs (15.88 kg)


2 Amp, 120V, 50/60hz


  • 100% Financing, Installation, and Servicing Available

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