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Parkers Organic Cola
Parkers Organic Cola

Parkers Organic Cola

Finally an organic cola without all the junk!

If you love cola but you don't love the preservatives then this is for you.

How Did We Get Started?

Over 12 years ago Alicia Parker couldn’t find any fresh organic juice for her son, Max, she enlisted her father, John, who had founded Mr. Juicy 30 years before.

With the help of dedicated Australian 100% organic farmers, who grow their fruit without using chemical fertilisers and pesticides, Parker’s Organic Juices was born.

Where We Are Now

Today, Alicia’s 3 children have grown up healthy on organic juices, and Australians have enjoyed over 5 million Parker’s Juices, and Parker’s has spread across the world as the only 100% Australian owned, 100% organic and 100% cold-pressed Juicery!

With fresh organic produce grown across Australia, parker’s state-of-the –art cold-pressing and juicing centre in Sydney, Australia, remains the only operation in Australia to use nothing but pure fruit and vegetables, and to prove it you can even notice slight flavor changes over the year as the seasons change and nature has it’s way!

We are proud of this as it just shows you that we only use real 100% organic fruit and vegetables.


“Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living food.”

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason ~