Lancer Sensation 44 Stainless Steel Soda Fountain Machine is available at Organic Soda Pops
Lancer Sensation 44 Stainless Steel Soda Fountain Machine is available at Organic Soda Pops
Lancer Sensation 44 Stainless Steel Soda Fountain Machine is available at Organic Soda Pops

Sensation 44 Stainless Steel Soda Fountain Machine

Our Lancer 44 stainless steel soda fountain machine delivers 12 drink choices, and the chewable ice that your customers crave. This commercial soda dispenser is reliable and hassle-free every time. The user friendly right- and left-hand ice dispense points allows for more efficient delivery, and the high capacity ice storage bin has an integrated bin adapter that accepts most ice machines. Enjoy cold carbonation for crisp, fresh tasting beverages. Get up to 8 bonus flavors with the optional flavor shot module.  Environmentally friendly LED lighting improves presentation. Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction throughout for easy clean up. The high capacity drip tray reduces spills and clean up. Installation and Service is easily accessible from the front and rear for added flexibility.

  • Up to 2800 organic soda fountain drinks (16 BIBs) for free with the purchase of this soda fountain machine. This will give about a $7200 return from the drink sales.


  • 3 free services per year for fountain soda machines that will be pouring our USDA-certified organic fountain soda. Including calibrating, cleaning the equipment, and flushing the lines.

  • Servicing, and installation available.

  • Contact us for pricing


  • Dispenses any kind of extruded ice
  • Right side ice delivery for more efficient dispensing
  • High capacity drip tray reduces clean up and avoids safety issues due to spills
  • Dispenses cube ice without a change to the equipment
  • Environmentally friendly LED lighting improves presentation
  • Serviceable parts are located on the front of the unit for easy access
  • Durable hex drive ice agitation system for trouble-free operation and long service life
  • Multiple valve options available for self-serve applications
  • Portion control valves available to control beverage costs
  • Industry standard 8 valve platform in 30" width
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction throughout
  • Plumbing access front and rear for installation flexibility
  • High capacity ice storage bin


  • Height: 39.375” (1000.1 mm)

  • Width: 44” (1117.6 mm)

  • Depth: 31” (787.4 mm)

Required space:

  • Height: Allow sufficient clearance for manually filling with ice or refer to ice maker recommendation for top clearance.

  • Width: 46” (1168.4 mm)

  • Depth: 40” (1016 mm)


  • With Ice: 745 lbs. (337.9 kg)

  • Shipping: 585 lbs. (265 kg)


  • Capacity: 312 lbs. (141.5 kg)

  • Dispensable: 255 lbs. (115.6 kg)


  • Soda Inlets: 3/8" (9.5mm) male barb

  • Syrup Inlets: 3/8" (9.5mm) male barb


Versa Pour 3.0oz (88.7 ml) /sec. other valves available upon request


115V/60Hz, 6AMPs

Flex Manifold Configuration: 

  • 12 Valve: 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-3

  • 8 Bonus Flavors

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