IDC Pro Fountain Soda Dispenser is available at Organic Soda Pops

IDC Pro Fountain Soda Dispenser

IDC Pro Ice Drink Dispenser With 2 MFV Valves Cold Carbonation Digital Touch Screen With Drip Tray


  • Large Ice Capacity - 255 lb ice storage will meet your peak demand
  • Interactive Dispense - Touch Screen for Drink Selection 20 brands and 8 Flavor Shots
  • Dual Touch Screen and Dual Nozzle - Allows 2 people to dispense their drink for speed of service no long lines
  • ABS Thermoformed Plastic Durabide™ Design - Provides durability and ensures all ice in the hopper is dispensable
  • Commercial Grade 32" Promotional Display - Video Merchandiser delivers unique customizable message
  • Flavor Shots Blend with Each Drink - Consistent drink; top-off feature for extra flavors if customers want more flavor
  • Can dispense Cubed and Chunklet ice - Allows for easy component access from the front of the unit
  • Universal Adapter Kit - No ice maker adapter kit required to order
  • Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Material - Easy to clean merchandiser and lower panel

Model Specifications:

  • Product Category fountain soda dispenser
  • Agency ListingsUL, NSF, CE
  • Electricals Requirements115 V +/- 10% (only requires single outlet)
  • Cup Clearance9 .75 in (24.77 cm)
  • Number of Valves2
  • Ice Storage Capacity255 lb ice bin capacity for cubed & chunklet (compressed) ice
  • Valve Type20 touch screen brands (10/nozzle) 8 touch screen flavor shots (4 per nozzle) Electronic TotalFlex
  • Unit Dimensions (Overall)30 in (76.2 cm) x 34.5 in (87.63 cm) x 39.2 (99.57) (W x D x H)
  • Shipping Weight545 lb (247.21 cm)
  • Drink Performance and Cooling Capacity3 fl.oz. /sec /valve
  • Standard FeaturesTimed agitation, electronic beverage keyswitch and 4" legs
  • Screen Dimensions32" Diagonally
  • Video FormatMP4 (H .264) (1920x800
  • Recommended upload video length15 secs
  • Recommended upload video size30MB
  • Recommended video dedicated capacity in unit2GB
  • Video Max Size2GB
  • Still Images.jpg or .png (1920x800)
  • Brand Image Format.png (175x175 pixels)
  • Flavor Shot Image Format.png (225x225 pixels)
  • Counter Weight440 LB (plus ice weight)
  • AMP Draw120V / 60Hz / 8.5 Amps
  • Water Supply Pressure50-60 psi at pump
  • CO290-110 psi bulk C02 to pump deck regulator Note: Regulator on the pump and motor deck is set at 75 PSI
  • Brand Syrup Supply Pump Pressure65 psi/min
  • IDC Pro Software Download
  • 100% Financing, Installation, and Servicing Available

  • Up to 1400 organic soda fountain drinks (8 BIB’s) for free with the purchase of this soda fountain machine

  • free services per year for fountain soda machines that will be pouring our USDA certified organic fountain soda. Including calibrating, cleaning the equipment and flushing the lines


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