Heal Thy Organic Soda
Heal Thy Organic Soda
Heal Thy Organic Soda
Heal Thy Organic Soda
Heal Thy Organic Soda

Heal Thy Organic Soda

Our Story

Michael Dunne's passion for this product emerged from never having consumed traditional soft drinks as a child. By crafting his own healthy, thirst-quenching, sparkling beverage, he could enjoy the pleasures of a real soda, without the guilt of sugar or artificial flavours. As a trained chef, Michael created a "better for you" drink that was made from real ingredients, without artificial flavours, that has all the goodness of apple cider vinegar. Heal Thy Soda was born in his kitchen, and now Michael can share his passion with the world.

Social Goals

Our aim is to change the way people think about consuming sugar drinks. We want them, especially children, to be educated on the negative impacts of sugar on their health, and to encourage them to seek healthy alternatives. We hope to make people aware of these impacts from an early age.

Flavour Profile


Raspberry & Rose

These flavours work beautifully together with a soft almost spring feeling, like walking through a rose garden. It's light, fresh and the perfect drink if you enjoy subtle floral flavours. This is perfect to drink with friends at a picnic, on a warm summer's day.


Pineapple Lime & Mint

Like a well-crafted mojito, this tangy fresh pineapple flavour is perfectly matched with fragrant mint leaves and a hint of lime juice, leaving you with a feeling of being in a Mexican poolside retreat.


Passionfruit, Peach & Berry

Sparking the inner child in everyone with this take on passionfruit soda, we have ramped up the flavour with the added splash of raspberries.

Our Product

  • 100% real fruit-infused soda with only 4 natural ingredients and no sugar

  • Less than 9 calories per bottle

  • Lightly sparkling with the real fresh fruit taste in every sip

  • ACV Mother, good for your health

  • More interesting flavours to follow

“Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living food.”

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason ~