Gusto Real All Natural Cola
Gusto Real All Natural Cola
Gusto Real All Natural Cola

Gusto Award Winning Real Organic Cola

Natural Cola
Great Taste Award Winning Gusto Organic Real Cola is the first organic certified lower-calorie cola produced in the UK, sweetened with organic Fairtrade Blue Agave and organic certified Erythritol. Gusto Organic Real Cola blends organic spices, essential oils and African Kola Nut with Devon spring water.
Real cola nut and not synthetic caffeine
Our Real and Slim colas use the finest cola nut from the rainforests of Africa – cola nut balances the flavour of our cola adding a bitter note to counterbalance the sweetness of agave. Cola Nut also mildly stimulates and revives in a completely natural way. Big brand colas use synthetic caffeine derived from ammonia, Gusto Cola uses the revered cola nut with its natural active ingredient ‘Theobromine’ that literally translates as ‘Food of the Gods’
Fairtrade Organic Blue Agave and Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla extract
We don’t use refined sugar in our drinks, we sweeten with the finest Fairtrade blue agave from Jalisco in Mexico. Blue agave tastes a little sweeter than sugar so we can use less agave which helps reduce the calories in our drinks. Our Fairtrade agave project pays local farmers more than twice the local agricultural and supports communities, promotes workers’ rights, gender equality and respect for indigenous peoples. Every bottle of Gusto Cola sold improves the lives of farmers and their communities, our ingredients come from organic farms that respect the land for future generations.

“Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living food.”

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason ~