Lancer Flavor Select 44 soda fountain machine is available at Organic Soda Pops
Lancer Flavor Select 44 soda fountain machine is available at Organic Soda Pops

Flavor Select 44 Ice Cube & Cubelet Beverage Dispenser

Our Lancer Flavor Select beverage dispenser dazzles and delivers. This soda fountain machine is self-serve, offers several flavor combinations, and features “Lite Touch” buttons that draw the customer’s attention. This unit will deliver up to 16 brands and 12 bonus flavors, for over 100 customized taste combinations. Dosing or blending is also available for bonus flavors.

The Flavor Select Series guarantees a refreshing rewarding performance with every drink. Featuring state-of-the-art cold carbonation technology dispensed through Lancer Flow Control Valves (LFCV) it provides a consistently pleasing drink experience. Enhanced ice dispensing allows customers to dispense cube or cubelet ice, on demand.

  • Height: 40.25” (1022 mm)

  • Width: 44.88” (1140 mm)

  • Depth: 30.5” (775 mm)

Space required:

  • Height: Allow sufficient clearance for manually filling with ice or refer to ice maker recommendation for top clearance.

  • Width: 46.88” (1191 mm)

  • Depth: 31.5” (800.1 mm)


  • Without Ice: 620 lbs (282 kg)

  • With Ice: 1020 lbs (464 kg)

  • Shipping: 710 lbs (323 kg)


  • Capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)

  • Dispensable: 215 lbs (98 kg)


 Filtered water 50 psi min required


 (2) 120V/60Hz, 14AMPs


  • Soda Inlets: 3/8" (9.5mm) barb

  • Syrup Inlets: 3/8" (9.5mm) barb


 Lancer Flow Control Valves(LFCV)

Key lock switch for valves:

  • Installation, and Servicing Available
  • Up to 2800 organic soda fountain drinks (16 BIBs) for free with the purchase of this soda fountain machine. This will give about a $7200 return from the drink sales.

  • 3 free services per year for fountain soda machines that will be pouring our USDA-certified organic fountain soda. Including calibrating, cleaning the equipment, and flushing the lines


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