Lancer Flavor Select 30 soda fountain machine  is available at Organic Soda Pops

Flavor Select 30 Soda Fountain Machine


Our Lancer Flavor Select 30 soda fountain machine features state-of-the-art cold carbonation technology. The FS30 beverage dispenser provides a consistently pleasing drink experience. Enhanced ice dispensing capability allows customers to dispense cube or cubelet ice, on demand.

Flavor Select

The FS30 offers over 100 unique flavor combinations, and the interactive self-serve dispensing is entertaining with eye-catching "Lite Touch" buttons.

Product features: 

  • 16 Brands for over 100 Flavor Possibilities.
  • Cold carbonation for consistently better drink quality.
  • Add up to 12 bonus flavors by blending (pre-measured, single pour with beverage) or dosing (on demand bonus flavor syrup).
  • “Lite Touch” brand light show draws attention to your more profitable fountain section.
  • Self-contained with multiple ice fill options.
  • Large capacity removable drip tray and cup rest.
  • “Air Mix” nozzles blend syrup and water in midair for consistent drink delivery.
  • Fits in current 30" IBD footprint.
  • Illuminated easily interchangeable merchandiser.
  • Cubelet ice capable dispense is available-specifications on request.
  • Front connection for products.
  • Field Configurable.

Up to 1400 organic soda fountain drinks (8 BIB’s) for free with the purchase of this soda fountain machine.

 free services per year for fountain soda machines that will be pouring our USDA certified organic fountain soda. Including calibrating, cleaning the equipment and flushing the lines.

“Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living food.”

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