Craft Soda 100% Organic Soft Drink
Craft Soda 100% Organic Soft Drink
Craft Soda 100% Organic Soft Drink
Craft Soda 100% Organic Soft Drink
Craft Soda Organic Soft Drink

Craft Soda 100% Organic Soft Drinks

Welcome to CRAFT SODA. Genuine fresh fruit organic soft drinks - 100% organic of course!

For many years, we have been looking for some more interesting, natural and great tasting soft drinks beyond the conventional big commercial brands. But it has been quite difficult to find some good credible alternatives, especially organic ones.

That’s why we started CRAFT SODA. We believe it is time for more authentic, all natural soft drinks with truly fresh and fruity taste. Yet, also slightly more rich in flavor, a bit more “adult” and interesting. A refreshment to enjoy with a good conscience and in line with a healthy & responsible lifestyle.

We have developed CRAFT SODA as a new genuine alternative. A delightfully fresh & fruity organic soft drink. Treated only with Mother Nature's best fresh organic fruits and herbs. Carefully brewed in a traditional simple “back to basics” manner. No artificial flavours, additives, preservatives, concentrates or extracts are allowed!

4 organic craft brews with great tasting fresh fruit & herb combinations:





100% organic: We use only organic ingredients - no artificials, additives, concentrates, extracts, aromas, flavours or preservatives are allowed!

Quality ingredients:  We carefully select & use only the best quality fruits and herbs – no compromises!

“Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living food.”

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason ~