Bec Organic Cola 5 Star Soda Review

History: Regardez comment la fantaisie nous commençons la première phrase de cet examen en français. Don’t worry, the rest is in English. If you didn’t immediately go to Google Translate, that says “Look how fancy we are starting the first sentence of this review in French.” We have the humor of an eight year-old. I know. Bec Cola out of Montreal, Quebec in Canada, however, is not eight years-old. The company began recently in 2014 with humble ambitions. It was about making an organic product with human values behind it, while highlighting Quebec at the same time. Says Bec Cola founder Olivier Dionne, “We firmly believe that the organic philosophy is very important, both for the consumer and/or our land. We wanted to create a soda line free of chemical preservatives and replace refined sugars by Quebec’s wonderful resource which is maple syrup.” Cola with maple syrup. Honestly, we’re talking abooot Canada here…

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Product Review: BIONADE 100% Certified Organic Health Drink

By Alison Murray -

In our society, many people will often reach for a soft drink before they reach for a glass of water when in need of refreshment. In Australia there are more than 10 brands of soft drinks, (including the big players Coca-Cola and Pepsico) which often take up an entire aisle of a supermarket. Our addiction to soft drink, as part of the SAD or SWD (Standard American/Australian Diet or Standard Western Diet) is an enormous health issue and contributes to many conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

When Bionade (pronounced “Bee-oh-nah-deh”) approached me recently with their 100% certified organic, healthy soft drink alternative, I was intrigued. 

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“Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living food.”

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason ~