PepsiCo: trashing rainforests for 450,000 tons of palm oil a year

Julie Nicky

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Pepsi Corporation, the American food, and beverage monster are responsible for massive destruction of rainforest land due its ongoing demand and consumption of palm oil that is being used in its unhealthy snack foods (mostly Frito-Lay).

According to research, PepsiCo is devouring more than 450,000 tons of palm oil every year even though the corporate giant is aware of the massive destruction of rainforests for palm oil plantations. 

Organizations such as the Rainforest Action Network have reached out to some of the largest snack food companies in the world to stop purchasing conflict palm oil and a few such as Mars and Kellogg have made some type of commitment and taken steps to go in the right direction, however, Pepsi corporation continues to keep going down the same path and do business as usual.

Recently the environmental group had expressed anger and threatened further campaigns against Pepsi after the beverage giant released its Palm Oil Action Plan Progress Report. The Rainforest Action Network also published a report in April and accused PepsiCo of deforestation, climate emissions and labor and human rights abuses in terms of its palm oil sourcing, and they also claimed that the progress report Pepsi released is nothing but an attempt to “window dress its lack of progress.

The Rainforest Action Network stated that, until PepsiCo begins “enforcing an end to rainforest destruction” and other violations within its supply chain, they will continue to target PepsiCo and its financial backers with its anti-Pepsi public relations campaigns.

Confronting Pepsi at the Super Bowl

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