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Organic, Organic, Organic…….we have heard this word everywhere. Do you know about this? Let us know about it and it’s importance.

Simply, the Organic term is related to something which is made up of living matter. Organic products are that have been prepared and processed without the use of any chemicals. Organic farming is farming system in which use of organic wastes and biological material is used. It avoid use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides so to maintain ecological balance and health status of human body. It follows ecologically balanced agricultural principles like crop rotation, green manure, organic waste, biological pest control.
Organic foods are made out practicing Organic farming. Organic foods refer to food products that that are produced, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemicals.

In order to be labelled ‘organic’, a food product must be free of artificial food additives, which includes artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colouring and flavouring agents .Organic crops are grown using natural fertilizers like manure and other such substances to improve plant growth. Animals raised organically are also not injected with antibiotics or hormones. The most commonly produced organic foods include fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy products, nuts and legumes . However today, there is also the advent of other processed organic products, such as cookies and breakfast cereals.

 Why Organic foods?

  • Better overall health- organic food is not produced or processed by the use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it does not contain any elements of toxic chemicals and may not affect human health. The use of natural techniques such as green manure to fertilize the lands and crop rotation in pest and disease control work absolutely well in producing safer, healthier. Besides, healthy foodstuff simply means healthy people and better nourishment for a better living for both people and animals. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are allowed in organic food. Also organic produce contains higher levels of nutrients. This study adds to at least 90 others that also say that on average, organic food has a higher nutrient content than it’s non-organic counterpart. It increases immunity of the body and has Antioxidants.
  • Fresh food – Organic food is often fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last longer. Organic produce is often (but not always, so watch where it is from) produced on smaller farms or in at homes in gardening near where it is sold. One can produce fruits and vegetables on their own in kitchen garden in backyard. It’s economical and fresh organic material to be consumed for better health.
  • Environment friendly – Organic farming is better for the environment. Organic farming practices reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. Farming without pesticides is also better for nearby birds and animals as well as people who live close to farms. Pesticides and chemicals sprayed on plants contaminate the soil, water supply, and air. Sometimes these harmful pesticides stick around for decades.
  • Organic food is GMO-free – Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or genetically engineered (GE) foods are plants whose DNA has been altered in ways that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding, most commonly in order to be resistant to pesticides or produce an insecticide. Organic farming results in greater biodiversity.
  • Soil health – Organic farming creates healthy soil. Healthy soil creates healthy food and healthy environment. Organic farmers use natural organic fertilizers and soil amendment like organic matter, green matter( cover crops grown specifically for soil improvement such as legumes)to build healthy soil. When food is grown in healthy soil, crops are better able to resist disease, survive drought, and tolerate insects.

At the end, we think that eating healthier food is very important. So to consume organic food you can either buy it or the best option is maintain your own kitchen garden it is both easy and economical. Be organic…..!!!!!

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